Lullaby Africa helps traumatised and disadvantaged mothers, fathers and carers in Kenya and Uganda to bond and form a healthy, natural attachment with their babies and toddlers.


P1040184_webDepression, war, rape and aggression have stifled the natural bonds between the generations.

Mothers neither sing nor play with their children. Children are silent and unaffectionate.

This lack of attachment means that babies brains do not develop fully; stimulation is what generates all the neural connections which the brain needs to thrive.

Lullaby Africa uses qualified  therapists and professionals who work with children to help parents and carers regrow that attachment so that homes are full of noise, laughter and love.

We see many mothers empowered when we share the knowledge we are privileged to have been given. They become more sensitive but also more confident parents. Many share what they have learnt with their husbands, partners, friends and relatives. This boosts their standing in the community.

Lullaby Africa is a Christian charity, at present working with local community leaders in many areas of extreme deprivation around Kisumu and Nairobi in Kenya, and Kisoro and Kampala in Uganda.  We work with anyone of any religion or none, wherever we are invited.

Our work is bearing fruit in hundreds of lives, but many more communities are still silent. Lullabies and the workshops that Lullaby Africa delivers are a route into those communities. But we need your help.

So please, get in touch. Find out how you can get involved. We’d love to hear from you.

Many of the adults we help live in fear of violence and retribution. For this reason, we maintain the confidentiality of our clients by changing their names.



Sir Richard Bowlby tries to promote a wider understanding of the work of
his late father, Dr John Bowlby, the psychiatrist and pioneer of
Attachment Theory. Sir Richard writes:

“Lullaby Africa aims to apply the principles of Attachment Theory in a worthwhile and practical manner in order to support the emergent relationship between mother and baby”.

Debi Maskell-Graham, author of ‘Reflective Functioning and Play’ [2016], and Director of UK-based charity ‘Big Toes Little toes’.

“The baby bonding work carried out by Lullaby Africa is literally life changing.  The research is crystal clear; children who enjoy a “good enough” attachment relationship with a parent or carer do better across the whole lifespan.  They are happier, healthier, do better educationally and socially and most importantly are shown to go on to give their own children the very best start too. Prevention is indeed better than cure!”


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The Covid-19 pandemic has proved the springboard for us to extend our life-changing teaching and reach even more remote communities in sub-Saharan Africa. Lullaby Africa teaches baby-bonding and infant brain development to communities ravaged by trauma and poverty. When Covid struck, our teaching teams were unable to travel to Africa to support in-country leaders and parenting groups. We have overcome…