Get Involved

Clapping - web croppedThere are millions of babies who are missing out and millions of mothers who need teaching to help them bond with their babies.

If you are inspired by the work of Lullaby Africa or the stories of Joseph and Molly, there are several ways in which you can get involved.

We are raising funds to:

  • Revisit groups that are being established
  • Train local leaders
  • Pioneer the work in other places to which we’ve been invited, like Rwanda



We believe in the power of prayer to extend God’s love into a broken world

You may wish to listen to this African Lullaby while you pray



Donating your money will enable volunteers to travel to deliver the lullaby workshops and pay small amounts to people who will work with us, such as translators. (Our aim is to empower disadvantaged traumatised people rather than give them money.)

Lullaby does not employ a fundraiser and has no paid staff. Every penny you give will go to the work in Africa. We raise an additional 20% on any donations that are Gift Aided and we use a proportion of that income to meet our administrative costs.

  • £17 delivers one course of baby bonding to one participant
  • £2 pays for one pack of laminated leaflets given to each participant to remind them of the teaching and for one bottle of baby massage oil
  • £25 pays for the translator, who is crucial when giving the sessions to participants who speak no English
  • Larger donations enable volunteer professionals to travel to Africa to deliver the training

If you would like to give, please visit our donations page.

Raise funds

Why not work with your own community, friends, family or church group to raise funds collectively?

We particularly encourage the use of song in fundraising for Lullaby Africa – concerts, sponsored karaoke, carol singing at Christmas

If you are doing any fundraising, do let us and the world know by posting a comment or link on our Twitter profile or Facebook page.


Come with us to help  P1000359

We welcome volunteers who would like to accompany us on our trips to Africa, help deliver the Lullaby programme and assist in other ways. Play therapists, counsellors, nurses, health visitors, children’s workers, teachers and paediatric social workers are particularly welcome.

If you feel this is right for you, please contact us here or speak to one of the five trustees directly.  You need to have a  working knowledge and understanding of the value of attachment, be prepared for the culture shock and be reasonably fit. Anyone who would like to travel to Africa and take part in our work does need to be approved by the trustees first.

You will most likely need to raise a significant proportion of the costs of your trip (which typically costs around £1,200*) and we can help you with a programme of ideas for fundraising.

*At the time of writing , flights cost between £450 [Uganda] and £600 [Kenya], accommodation between £9 [Kenya] and £12 [Uganda] ppp night,  visas are  £40 [Kenya] – £85 [Uganda], internal transport [Uganda] £258, [Kenya] £65].   However, with exchange rates tumbling, prices will almost certainly rise quite a lot!

Knit A Teddy for the children

We give teddies to mothers with babies who attend our sessions.  These babies have no other toys and they love to play with these teddies.

If you’d like to contribute to the pile of teddies we need for each trip, and can knit, you can download the pattern.  Please send them to Lullaby Africa, 6 Abbey Hill Close, Winchester, SO23 7AZ.  We promise each one will go to a good home!

Teddies for Lullaby Knitting Pattern – download the pattern and bring a smile to someone’s face!

Knitting a teddy for Lullaby Africa is a different kind of donation, but it has real value for traumatised children and mothers in Uganda and Kenya.

Lullaby Africa gives a teddy to every child who attends a baby bonding session.