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We empower and support parents and carers to help children by means of positive and effective change in relationships to improve long-term quality of life. This may be a very simple idea but it has massive impact when children grow up with empathy and are better equipped to deal with further trauma.

We aim to identify and develop culturally sensitive methods that create opportunitiesP1000618 for loving and intimate interactions between carers and very young children using their own songs.

The work will be evidence based: we measure maternal sensitivity before and after the intervention using videotape data. We are still evaluating the best way to analyse this data.

No money is involved in the dissemination of this so these adults can freely share their learning with others.

Maskell-Graham, D. (2009) Baby Bonding: an evaluation of how parental behaviours associated with secure attachment between mothers and their infants are affected by lullaby and movement practices.


Founder’s vision

Helen Howes, counsellor and play therapist, founder of Lullaby Africa with Phoebe Onyango. She is a community leader in  Obunga.

“When I first visited a feeding centre in Kibera, Nairobi I saw small children who had just been orphaned and had no-one to care for them. What broke my heart was the total lack of understanding that the leader of this centre had- he thought that if the children had one meal a day their needs would be catered for.  Then I visited orphanages in Kisumu and met silent babies, and carers who had no idea that a baby should be looked at, talked to or sung to.  I realised that the effect of living in extreme deprivation where violence and trauma are part of life results in many mothers having lost their ability to bond with their babies.

My dream is to break a cycle where people who are emotionally and intellectually damaged give birth to a generation of people who are emotionally and intellectually damaged… and so on. If we can reverse this process we will change the future!

My faith drives this passion: the bible says God sings over us and calms us. When we have experienced God’s love for us, we simply have to show that love to anyone we can help.”

“Your God is present among you…. He’ll calm you with his love and delight you with his songs.” Zephaniah 3:17




  • Jane Aslet
    • Jane is a qualified Nursery Nurse (National Nursery Examination Board) and has worked in various child care settings including a Neonatal Unit. She currently works as a Special Needs Assistant in an infant school. Previously, Jane has been chair of two child related charities.
  • Carol Davies
    • Carol is a qualified teacher (BA Hons PGCE), who spent many years teaching in multicultural primary schools in London. She also worked for the Africa/Middle East Group of a major international charity. Later she spent twelve years as the Special Educational Needs Coordinator in a Surrey Primary School. Although now retired, she uses her skills to help those who find primary education a challenge.
  • Helen Howes
    • Helen is a qualified Play Therapist,  Counsellor [MBACP] and teacher, and  has worked with children for over 38 years.  She founded Lullaby Africa and has visited  Kenya and Uganda numerous times teaching women to bond with their babies.
  • Maggie Mountifield
    • Maggie has worked as a deputy playgroup supervisor, midwife and most recently as a nurse. She volunteers at The Ark – her church’s toddler group. She has two grown-up children and is enjoying being a grandmother.
  • Helen Revans
    • Helen is a qualified primary school teacher (BEd. Sci) and is currently working as a childminder. Over the past 25 years Helen has worked as a children’s and youth worker at her local church.
  • Isobel Tutt-Leppard
    • An experienced charity fund-raiser, events organiser and administrator, Isobel has worked for Tenovus, RADAR and Winchester YMCA. She also spent a decade in management positions with the NHS in London. Isobel is currently a partner in 360 integrated PR, a Winchester-based public relations and marketing communications consultancy.


How we fund our work

Lullaby Africa is a registered charity (number 1160120).

We seek to be as open as possible about how we use the money we raise. Each year, the trustees will publish on this site a financial summary of Lullaby Africa’s operations.

All money raised through general donations is used for our work in Africa. We employ no paid staff and fund our administration, fundraising and marketing through the gift aid we receive on donations or through ring-fenced donations made specifically for this purpose.

Read our 2021 Annual Report here.


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