Next visits to Africa!

This spring we are planning two visits to Africa:

Jane is going with Helen R. to Kisumu, Kenya to work with Pastor Joseph and Lillian in two new areas and to revisit some of the weaker groups. They will also meet with Lillian to discuss how the visits we are sponsoring are growing the work.  There will be a leaders’ day for all the leaders of the slum areas to encourage them and discuss any issues they are facing.

Helen H.  is going with Kitty back to Kisoro, Uganda, to try to accelerate the work there.  They hope to visit new outlying areas, as well as revisiting the large groups they met last time.  The aim is also to develop a working relationship with a local champion to help us coordinate the work and oversee it when we are not there.

So if anyone who can knit, has time to knit us some teddies, they would be greatly appreciated!