Week 1 Kisoro

We are back in the beautiful town of Kisoro, nestled in the mountains of south west Uganda. We’ve had two groups this week, one mainly consisting of ‘working women’ from the area around the Cathedral, and the other comprising women from the rural villages around the guest house. These people live in tiny slum houses with no electricity or sanitation. We had an exciting two hour walk at dusk scrambling up and down the hills around the fields on tiny paths to invite them to the sessions! We’ve had 30-50 women and their babies consistently in both groups. It’s quite something to deliver a seminar to 50 women and their babies and toddlers in an echoey hall through a translator with no visual aids other than a dusty doll and our drama skills! However it was really exciting to see them engage with us and the women were attentive in the main, and plans are afoot for ongoing work with these people.