Working in ‘The Rural’

We were taken to a tiny church in the bush full of Grandmothers, old men [ church leaders] and younger women- but not a baby in sight!   They listened intently, and answered questions demonstrating their understanding. So often here we are at the mercy of our less than perfect understanding of Luo culture and Africans’ complete lack of understanding of time!  But who knows what effect this will have, if a whole village begins to understand how crucial it is to show love to a baby?

Then we were taken to Bondo, to another rural community by the lakeside.  Here we met mothers and babies.  We talked about how singing calms a baby.  One mother told us the next day how her baby hated to be bathed, but she had sung to her the previous evening and the baby had calmed.

I spoke to a journalist last night.  He confirmed that the idea of baby bonding is completely new in Kenya.  Wherever we go people say the same.